Zicla is a project by Duo Siedl/Cao with co-compositions from Gregor Siedl and Cao Thanh Lan for prepared zither, clarinet and electronics.

Duo Siedl/Cao is a composer-performer ensemble that ranges in the field between composition, improvisation, performance and live sound-installation.

In their recent works they explore electro-acoustic sound as means of expression and reflect on performative aspects of a live concert situation.

Duo Siedl/Cao is one of the 5 groups from Austria that are selected for the renowned program New Austrian Sound of Music 2018-2019 in the category Contemporary Music.

Duo works of Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl have been featured at international festivals and concert venues around the world, amongst others – Festival „Krieg singen“ im Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, Opera Hanoi, FIME – Festival Intern. de Musica Experimental Sao Paulo, Festival Ankunft Neue Musik Berlin, Strom Festival Köln, FTARRI Tokyo, NOMART Osaka, Frischzelle Festival für Intermediale Performance, WIM Zürich, Porgy & Bess Wien, Sappho Taipei, CHELA Buenos Aires, Institut Francais, Monash University Melbourne, BoxHill Institute Melbourne, Universidad de Valparaiso.

They have been touring in Europe, Japan, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Vietnam, Australia and Indonesia.

Duo Siedl/Cao gives workshops on composition and improvisation. Past teaching activities: Monash University Melbourne, BoxHill Institute Melbourne, National University of Hsinchu Taiwan, Äänen Lumo Helsinki, Universidad de La Serena, Universidad de Montevideo, Meridian Space Beijing, DOMDOM Center for experimental music Hanoi.

For their projects and cooperations, they have received grants from – Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst und Kultur, from  BMEIA Österreich, Österreichisches Kulturforum Tokyo, Österreichisches Kulturforum Brussels, Österreichisches Kulturforum Warsaw, Kulturamt Niederösterreich, Österreichische Botschaft Hanoi, ON-Neue Musik Köln, Ministerium für Kultur in Nordrhein-Westfalen (MFKJKS-NRW), Rhein-Energie Stiftung, etc.


New music for marxophone/zither and clarinet 

Zicla is a project by duo Cao Thanh Lan (VN) – Gregor Siedl (AT) with electro-acoustic compositions and composed improvisations for prepared marxophone/zither, clarinet and electronics.

Clarinet and zither are commonly known for folk music across the globe. Using these two instruments in a new syntax evokes a familiar and at the same time foreign environment.

The clarinet’s composed pitch and noise structures interweave with particular sounds from the extended zither creating an unusual imaginary space, introspective moods, abstract microtonal dialogues and intriguing sound textures.

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