Parallel Asteroid

Parallel Asteroid is a project by duo Siedl/Cao with compo-improvisations for synthesizer, prepared saxophone/clarinet, game calls and electronics.

Duo Siedl/Cao is a composer-performer ensemble that ranges in the field between composition, improvisation, performance and live sound-installation.

In their recent works they explore electro-acoustic sound as means of expression.

Duo Siedl/Cao is one of the 5 groups from Austria that are selected for the renowned program New Austrian Sound of Music 2018-2019 in the category Contemporary Music.

In “Parallel Asteroid”, they connect experimental, acoustic and electronic sounds with the aesthetics of contemporary music. Their performance is a re-search into the relationship between electronic and organic sounds, creating abstract beauty when these worlds collide. Their music is a result of introspection and the trust to give in to the fragility of the moment where ideas crystalize into abstract shapes and textures. The musicians are the Vietnamese pianist and synthesizer player – Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl from Austria on saxophone, gamecalls and tubes.


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