Social media balloon

a participatory sound installation by Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl with social media content such as comments, posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. spoken out by the audience from their smart phones and their own social media accounts. The voice of the audience will interactively pump up a balloon and trigger a led light and a speech synthesis that “cover up” the real voice of the speaker and acts as a live comment. We keep feeding the social media balloon until it explodes inside.

An excerpt from the exhibition at Onto Art Space in Wuhan China 2019

Some photos from the exhibition at Heritage Space Hanoi 2019 and Onto Art Space Wuhan 2019

Photo credit: Linh San and Siedl/Cao

DSC06252 (2)DSC06306 (1)

Social media balloon 1Social media balloon 2


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