Sound actions for the women’s rights

Contributed to a sound-visual installation about the fight for the women’s rights, at the International Sound Art Festival MONTEAUDIO17, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Uruguay sound installation for women's rights

Excerpts of an interview with Mrs. Nguyen Van Anh, Director of Research Center and applied Science on Gender, Family, Women and Juvenile, who fights for the basic rights of women in her district – Son Tay, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Many Vietnamese women are deprived of their rights to entertain themselves, to be themselves in public. They are afraid of being judged by their husbands and their neighbors as wicked women if they are seen dancing outside of their houses. So Mrs. Van Anh introduces free dance lessons for women, right at their workplace which is at the public market. They first met with oppositions, they were even threaten by their husbands. But Mrs. Van Anh, the dance teachers and the women persist and slowly their rights to be themselves in public are recognized by their own families and the people living in the neighborhood.

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