Sur le fil

„Sur le fil“ is a kinetic sound sculpture, motorized shadow play triggered by sounds. “Sur le fil” is a contemplation on the fragile connection between the nature and the human world, represented here by human-made fictional machinery. The protagonists – kinetic sculptures of this shadow play act like in a dream, a fairy tale, moving between the world of materiality and the world of shadow – of immateriality. The movements of the kinetic sculpture are controlled in real time by sounds which are also performed live.

Cao Thanh Lan (VN) – prepared marxophon, electronics
Beat Keller (CH) – feedbacker guitar, electronics
Gregor Siedl (AT) – clarinet, electronics
Filmed and recorded in February 2020 at Blöde dritte Mittwoch Series in Vienna and Hippocampus Series in Klosterneuburg, Austria

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