urban feedback

“urban feedback” is a one-hour-long sound installation from Cao Thanh Lan, commissioned by Robert Herrmann for his “urban minutes” vernissage in Berlin September 2017.

The sound installation echoes the exhibition’s theme – the space in between and how human and urban space mutually influence each other, in the use of feedback. The first 15 minutes of the installation is a live sound performance by the sound artist herself, using feedback which occurs in the negative space inside the „table pipe organ“. This table has 12 hollow pipes of different length, each has a different shape which is the contour of a famous square, namely Pantheon Square in Rome, the Old Town Square in Prague, the Tiananmen square in Beijing, etc. – places that also appear in the photo exhibition „urban minutes“. The development and building of this special „table pipe organ“ come from the close collaboration between Cao Thanh Lan and Robert Herrmann.


The last 45 minutes of the sound installation comprises of spatialized urban sound fragements recorded in Berlin, Singapore, Barcelona, Saigon, Hongkong, Hanoi and Beijing.

Excerpt of the sound installation, live recorded at the vernissage.

More info to the visual artist R. Herrmann: http://www.robertherrmann.com

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