Radio Cloud

„Radio cloud“ is a participatory interactive light-sound-installation, which is based on a real-time and site-specific feedback circuit. The radio sound triggers LED-lights which are situated inside a synthetic cloud-like object, the lights in turn trigger the analogue radio search function via a light sensor. The „Cloud“ is a reference to earlier radio experiments of theContinue reading “Radio Cloud”

Harmony of pollution

“Harmony of pollution” is an interactive sound installation, using light sensor and polluted water. The water samples from different lakes and rivers of Hanoi are collected into small containers. The difference in water qualities is made audible through the difference of light intensities that pass through each container. The audience can interact with the installationContinue reading “Harmony of pollution”

Super Token

Super Token is a celebration of playfulness and the sonic potential of toys and everyday objects. It is an attempt to capture the fleeting moments of sound by its visible and tangible representation. Balloons, fans, wind-up chickens, paper planes, living plants, garden hose, mini wind mill in combination with light and shadow, acoustic music instruments,Continue reading “Super Token”

The usual nexus

„The usual nexus“ is an experimental theatre, consisting of a series of interactive sound installations and two performers. “The usual nexus” is set in an experimental laboratory situation in a not too far away future. It conjures up a scenario where human beings serve their own creation – Artificial Intelligence (AI).  “The usual nexus” withContinue reading “The usual nexus”