11.09.2014 – Concert of Project “HouseHome” at Frischzelle Festival für Intermediale Performance


A multimedia project which combines different forms of arts: performance, instrumental music, live electronic music and live visuals: an audio-visual interpretation of the concrete architecture as house and the feeling of being home.


Lan Cao – Piano, Objects

Floria Nica – Guitar, Vocal, Performance, Objects

Sergej Maingardt – Live Electronics

Gregor Siedl – Saxophone, Flute, Game Calls

Jens Standke – Live Visuals

3.7.2014. Final Recital – “Territory of Oblivion”

17h – Concert Hall – Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln

Free Entrance

Address: Unter Krahnenbäumen 87, 50668 Köln


sound spectrum

“Territory of Oblivion” from the name of the masterpiece from Tristan Murail “Territoires de l’oubli ” – a piano recital which centers on Spectral Music and music that has focus on the inner structure of sound.

It’s a journey to rediscover the forgotten aspects of piano sound, to experience it not just as pitch, but as a natural phenomenon, as a living creature.

Like Murail has remarked of the piece that “instead of considering the piano as a mere percussion instrument (hammers hitting strings), Territoires emphasizes a different idiomatic characteristic of the instrument: a group of strings whose vibration is caused by sympathetic resonance…”

– George Benjamin (*1960)
Piano Figures (2004) – (ca.15′)

- Tristan Murail (*1947)
Territoires de l’oubli (1977) – (ca.30′)

- Marco Stroppa (*1959)
Traiettoria…deviata – Piano and Live Electronics (1982/1984) – (ca. 8′)

- Jonathan Harvey (1939-2012)
Tombeau de Messiaen – Piano and Electronics (1994) – (ca.10′)

Live Electronics – Sergej Maingardt

- Gerard Grisey (1946-1998)
Talea for Piano, Violin, Cello, Flute and Clarinet (1986) – (ca. 15′)

José Manuel Bañuls Marcos – conductor
Katya Suglobina – violin
Sally Beck – flute
Stefan Barth – clarinet
Javier Huerta Gimeno – cello